It’s Monday!!

Great start to the day and just as well I start early!!  Arrived to a certain level of organised chaos with the run-up to the Company Innovation Day on Wednesday!

The A0 printer has broken down.

we still have 10 posters to print .

My graphics girl who has remained calm over the last 3 weeks, under severe pressure,has gone into panic mode.

The window cleaners haven’t turned up.

The extra furniture is being delivered and the delivery man is in a rage.

The post girl is off sick with gout

Someone has chipped the new paintwork

And it’s only 8.20am.

So I’ve calmed the graphics girl by giving her a deep slow breathing exercise. In for a fast count of 7 and out, slowly, for a longer count to 11. Repeat 3 times. She’s now calmer!
I’m now going to go and passify the delviery driver, find out where the window cleaners are, find some paint……….

 8.50am update

The printer is now working – fixed by one of my staff

I’ve got some help for the delivery man who is now smiling

I’ve got the cleaning firm hunting down the window cleaners

The shifters are whizzing round shifting stuff to whatever locations we want

The groundsmen are litter picking

The post girl has appeared – well done her

My handyman is marching round with a paint brush and paint

More people are smiling and an air of calm but busy is now pervading the place

12.30 Update

The window cleaners are working hard. 

The posters are printed.

Catering have calmed down from last week’s panic when their Catering firm cancelled some of their extra staff for Wednesday – that’s until I put my foot down and demanded they were re-instated!!

Cleaning are due on site for a site check in an hour.

Now all I have to do is resolve why the Finance overnight update failed, rewrite the SQL DTS package which has apparently been failing for months, make sure BT turn up to finalise the new broadband line for the visitors on Wednesday, listen to the MD who seems to have ‘gone off on a tangent’…………

Oh yes and cheer up the Receptionist who hates change and doesn’t like anything that’s going on at all and is whingeing to anyone within earshot!…..  What joy!

Enjoy your day everyone!

Passion doesn’t have to die

At least that’s what I believe. And I believe it totally.  In fact I believe it with a passion!

In the past 48hours 4 women have told me that after several years of marriage “You can’t expect the passion to remain”.  Why not?  That’s what I want to know.  Are they all giving up on keeping passion alive? And if so why?

Has ‘society’ instilled in us some low expectation of what a life-long partnership should be about? Do we have such low expectations of our relationships?  Or do we get too busy and miss paying attention to the most important part of life – our relationship with the person closest to us?

Is that why so many marriages fail these days?

And those that stay together, so many seem to be plodding through their emotional lives in a sort of fatalistic view that there isn’t any other option.  And no I don’t advocate throwing it all away and starting afresh.  I advocate finding out what each other’s needs really are, then adding a bit of fun at ‘working’ at the passion!

Why my early morning visit to the bluebell wood got me thinking about this I have no idea!!


Ipad on!

Success is mine! I’m now connected to the world via my new router and my ipad likes it which is somewhat of a relief!

So this post is actually being typed from the aforementioned device! What fun! I can see hours of endless timewasting amusement in the offing!

Actually I must get on. I have a website to design, my finances to sort out and a hypnosis module to complete!

The other interesting aspect of this is that my blog looks really different on an Ipad. All my links on the right of the page are excluded.  All I see is the actual post itself!


I need to stop prevaricating!

I really do need to stop prevaricating and get on with launching my website and also get some Business Cards printed!

I’ve just had my hairdresser on the phone asking if I would see the husband of one of her clients as she feels I can help with his issues!

She is promoting me more than I am!

Well I’ve changed the answer message on my phone to sound a bit more business like (my friends should be fine about the message – I hope). So that’s a start.

I think I just need to stop dithering and create an image!  After all I can modify it later!  I keep wondering who I should get to host it.  When really I should just commit.

Reading in the bath!

Sadly this is something I can’t do at the moment!  I can’t even lie in the bath and have a day-dreamy, relaxing soak! Why!  I’m too short!  Now I’m not a midget!  But at 5ft 2ins I’m too short for the bath I have!!  When I lie down my toes don’t reach the other end!

I’d love to be able to read in the bath. Though whether this would help with the book I’m battling with at the moment who knows.  I just may have to admit defeat  for now on  Gregory Bateson’s Steps to An Ecology of the Mind.   Perhaps it’s just a step too far!!   It’s one of those cases where I understand the individual words but the order they’re in is causing my mind to go into meltdown!!

I’m also listening to lots of  hypnosis inductions with suggestions on imagining lying back in a warm bath and relaxing into the nice, warm water!  All well and good but just have me conjuring up images of drowning!

So all in all although I just love having baths I don’t stay in for that long!

The lovely candles I light, the bubble bath etc are all great but the whole experience needs improving!

I loved baths when I was married. We had a great double-ended bath (taps in the middle)  so we could bath together and then I didn’t find myself slipping beneath the water line.  I could read and daydream ….. whatever.  It was very friendly and very relaxing!!

It’s one of the things I miss!