I Love me when…….

A good question! 

Stephen Hedger (the life coach I went to) has posted this on his blog today.

Worth us all giving time to think over and answer, I believe.

And in the spirit of sharing!  Here are my answers – in no particular order:

I love me when:

  1. I live by my values
  2. I focus on my future
  3. I give to others
  4. I care for my body
  5. I listen and appreciate others’ points of view
  6. I grow
  7. I see the funny side of life
  8. I allow myself the freedom to be who I want to be!
  9. I stand back
  10. I trust myself

3 thoughts on “I Love me when…….

  1. Mmm, in no particular order, I love myself when:
    I put a smile on someone’s face
    I enjoy the present
    I am attentive to my children’s needs
    I manage something hard or that I never thought I could do
    I am the best of myself
    I feel desirable
    I help someone
    I feel love for others exploding inside of me

    Ok, that’s not ten, but it’s a start 😉

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