Blogging Etiquette!!

Good morning, dear readers.

I have had to take a sad step with my blog today.  I have had to take the step of moderating all comments before they become public.  This has been a hard decision to take and not one I have taken lightly.  But due to some extremely inappropriate and malicious commenting by one reader I’ve had no option.

I created this blog initially to give me the place where I could ‘write out’ my thoughts,  feelings and emotions.  A place where I had the freedom to say what I liked.  I then discovered I could help others going through the same traumas. Then various other readers have come along as they enjoy reading my ramblings on various topics.

What I will not allow this blog to become is a platform for others to air their ill-formed and malicious views.  Clearly this particular reader has their own issues to deal with.  Being amazingly rude on the pages of my blog is not the place to sort them out!

Don’t get me wrong,  I am quite happy to read differing points of view providing they are said respectfully  and we can have a mature debate on the subject.  This has, in fact, happened on several occasions and been useful for those following those debates!

Respect for a person’s space and their views on life is what I’ve always adhered to.  If I read a blog which I don’t necessarily agree with or I don’t feel I can add something constructive or cheerful to then I don’t comment.  It would be rude to do so!!

As I say it’s only been one reader, and she will know all too well who she is as I’ve removed her two comments this morning. The conversation was going nowhere and was bringing the ethos of this blog into question.

Hopefully in a few weeks I can return it to the freedom it had before!

To all my other lovely readers I say “Keep smiling” !  I do love your comments and your visits here.  I should add your comments will be published once I’ve approved them!!

Have a lovely Saturday

13 thoughts on “Blogging Etiquette!!

  1. So sorry to hears this. Commenting etiquette is not as common as one may think. When it comes to commenting on a personal blog I keep to the idea of; “If you don’t have anything nice to say, just click away”. So I have something nice to say; I am so glad I found your blog, as I like reading about your journey. I also like the way you open up to your readers about this issue. As a fellow blogger, I do understand what you are saying and your descision.

  2. This is awful. Why can’t people show respect? Yeh, I know, if they can respect themselves, they surely can’t respect others.

    This may mean that I’ll have to do the same thing in the future. So far I haven’t had the problem but if my blog gets as popular as your, I just might have to. Yuck!

    If I were you, I’d keep the safety on for at least a month.

  3. Well I’m a bit shocked. Poor you. I’m wondering who it was, of course, but whoever it was, such malignancy is unwarrented, especially on the pages of someone with as generous nature as yours.

  4. I do hope that ends quickly – I went through a similar event where one blogger was using my comments to complain rudely about another blogger! I told him in no uncertain terms to knock it off and blocked him specifically from commenting, which you can do in the comment settings. He went away quite quickly, thank goodness.

  5. Go you! Sometimes it needs to be done. I have a girl who harasses me constantly online, still stalks my blogs and twitter. If I hadn’t blocked her and all of her comments, writing just wouldn’t be as enjoyable as it should be. I completely understand!

  6. Sad when people abuse the freedom they are given.

    There are people that feel that the internet is a place where they can say what they want never mind how offensive or untrue it is. Hopefully they will leave you in peace when they realise their comments are being removed.

    • The more I learn and read, the more I’m coming to the conclusion that people so often rant because they have issues of uncertainty. That thought that maybe there are other ways of looking at things and other ways of finding answers than the ones they are currently using. This can trigger an ‘knee jerk’ response. In fact if it does it has done so for a reason: It’s very un-nerving!!

      Of course, it’s down to them to decide what to do with their uncertainties. We are all unique. I am quite happy to use this blog as a discussion board. However, this has to be done from a position of open, sincere curiosity.

      I wasn’t prepared to allow unsubstantiated accusations to be publicly aired!!

  7. Caroline,
    I too have many blogs to catch up on so I am sorry this comment comes a it too late, but I think you did the right thing. Your wisdom is showing through as I would probably reply to mean comments with something that was respectful but would probably cause more negative comments until I finally blocked them.
    It sucks when you can’t write freely in the place you created specifically for that reason. You are such a generous and caring person, I can’t even imagine why someone would think you are a worthy target for rants.
    Tons of love!
    xoxo – S.

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