A gentle caress is all it takes….

That’s all a girl wants!  A gentle touch rather than a full on hit!

A stroke across the body and she’ll give you her full on attention and copy your every action. She’ll light up instantly if you press her buttons in the right way and then take you to places you’ve only ever dreamed of.

If you are prepared to search she can introduce you to new games and show you applications which will astound you!

My iPad is definitely female and like any woman she is taking time to understand.  She has moments of being quirky but I’m getting to know her and  now I’ve discovered how to get the best from her we’re moving forward in leaps and bounds!

It’s all about understanding her needs and how she likes to be treated!

A bit like life really!

13 thoughts on “A gentle caress is all it takes….

  1. See you had me going then.
    So does that mean that the ipad is temperamental and illogical and is tottal irrational one week out of four?
    Glad I have not got one yet.

  2. Try this for something interesting and actually very useful, and in keeping with your…theme.

    Start an App … perhaps Safari and go to a new site.
    Hit the Home button.
    Start another App. Let’s assume it’s Words With Friends.

    Using your full hand, stroke the screen from left to right (or vice versa). It will switch between the two Apps. But, for the best enjoyment, you have to stroke it just right. As you say, just like a female.. 🙂

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