Suddenly I see – reblogged

For the second time today I’ve been reminded about how tenuous life can be. The first, this morning, at a house I was viewing and which I might buy. The owner was packing up and moving herself and her 3 small children north to be near her parents after her young husband had a massive stroke which has left him locked in a closed world and hospitalised. Her cheerful determination was an inspiration.

I then read this.
The music is wonderful. The words so clearly and beautifully said.


I have a wee request.  Please may I ask that before you read these very special words that you click on the music link below and listen as you read.

I attended a funeral today.  The lady I share an office with now faces life without her man. Yes he had been ill, but it was tragic and all of us in the office shared the feeling that this was not his time. No one was ready for this.

Every death is tragic. My friend and her two young daughters did what we expected them to do. They pulled together and sent a beloved husband and father off with a service that was a very personal tribute to the man they loved.

Arriving at the church it became evident that there was no more room – the church was full. A measure of the man whose life we had gathered…

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4 thoughts on “Suddenly I see – reblogged

  1. You’re both right, these events remind us of the infinite fragility of what we have… Very timely for me, as I’ve been maudling the weekend away. xx

  2. This was the most moving piece of music, film, and words that I have witnessed. I don’t know who the people involved are/were, but there couldn’t be a better tribute. How proud and noble they are in their grief. I am humbled.

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