Did I jump?

Good question. 

No not yet!  But I’m preparing my launching pad so I can!  I can be rather impetuous!  Once I’ve made my mind up to do something I can zoom off at high speed.  I very nearly did last week.  Sensibly my financial advisor put some brakes on! 

Firstly I need to meet the 1st basic Human Need  – Certainty.  This got rather derailed last week as my living arrangement has become rather precarious.  I need to get this sorted out so at least I have a base which is mine and I can rely on. 

To plunge off into giving myself any more uncertainty than I have just now would not be a good move!  That being said I have some ideas for a business venture!!  I just need someone who is interested to go into it with me.  It could fulfil two other needs at once – Uncertainty and Contribution.  Actually it would also meet Significance and Growth too!  Wow!!

So I’m on the hunt for a business partner who can see the potential of my idea as well.

It needs some careful planning, but I think it might have possibilities!!

More I’m not saying…………..  for now!!

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