“Enjoyment appears at the boundary between boredom and anxiety, when the challenges are just balanced with the person’s capacity to act”  – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi – Flow

So with that in mind I’ve been considering how often I get bored and why!

I am – mostly – bored with my job.  I haven’t been over the last month or so as I’ve been busy programming a system which has stretched my skills sufficiently within my capacity to act but not to the point where I couldn’t solve the problems – hence I experienced a fair amount of enjoyment!

I enjoy coaching. When I coach I experience Flow.  I become completely absorbed in what I’m doing and the client in front of me.  To see a client have a breakthrough moment – never mind how small – gives me great enjoyment in seeing their pleasure in achieving something for themselves which they didn’t feel was possible.  Even when they don’t always ‘get it’ right away I get pleasure in helping them consider possibilities which they’d never thought of.

Carrying out a task can cease to be enjoyable when my capacity to act is thwarted either by my own inability or skill – whatever.

I am experiencing this in no small degree over my website!   My inability to configure and customise the pages the way I want them has dumbfounded me and left me frustrated and – I will admit – rather cross.  And since the only person I can get cross with is me, this has not been an enjoyable experience!!  And has left me fairly anxious.  I don’t enjoy ‘half-measures’!

My inability to ‘market’ myself is also rather irritating!  Much to my surprise I don’t seem able to sell myself!   So clearly I must now retrace my steps, reconsider this aspect of my goal and find a route which achieves what I want to achieve.  There is no point in ‘banging my head against a brick wall’!

Then there is the house-hunting!  Initially I found this boring, then I became anxious!  A happy medium is what I required.  Friends are taking up my cause – wow it’s lovely to know they are there. So great not to be doing this on my own.  I am feeling valued and supported which is great.  And actually having their support has now made the activity far more enjoyable!

I am not alone, I don’t have to do deal with all the issues of life alone.  People are available and often want to help!

And all help is welcome and enjoyable.

It’s great letting them into one’s life!

6 thoughts on “Enjoyment

  1. Hi Caroline

    I’m having multiple problems with my site/blog right now so I understand a little about what is happening with you. You are talking about your blog here? Or do you have a site just for your coaching? Promoting yourself is one of the tougher things to do. You’ll probably have to do some more research on it to find what works best for your circumstances.

    • It’s my coaching site! Which I am running through WordPress. I just need to sort out the configuration, customise it so it looks the way I want and then add more words. And get the blog page working which it won’t at the moment.

      I need a day in the week to do it so I can get in touch with Studio Press to resolve my issues! Anyway I’m on holiday from Thursday so I’ve allocated a day to do it!

      I hate it when stuff doesn’t work and I can’t resolve it!!

  2. Re your marketing strategy and material. Could you consider enrolling a few hours worth of a specialist’s? Or even swapa few hours of coaching for some marketing consultancy? Just a thought…x

  3. Ugh–always fun lol. I’d like to see this blog become something like ” still soaring” and keep going (post on leaving this one). You sell yourself here, so what’s different? I’m sure it will all come together for you. 🙂

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