An Update!

Hi all

I felt it was time for a short update on my adventures over the last few years.

Sometimes it’s very useful to give oneself a ‘health check’ on goals.

Quite a few years ago I set myself some goals I wanted to achieve.  The other day I re-watched a video I had done at my thank you party back in 2010 – so several years ago!

I wanted to travel

Well, I am.  I’ve been to many countries since then – Ethiopia, Panama, India, South Africa, Zambia to name a few.

I wanted to own my own house

I do.  Not quite the house of my dreams but I wouldn’t change if for the world.  I feel safe here.  I have lovely neighbours.  I have a great garden

I wanted to become a better photographer

I’m having a great time working on that.  I know I am improving.  I have all the kit I could possibly need!  I’ve been on courses and I now manage a few good photos when I am on my travels.  I even give illustrated talks about my travels to local community groups.

I wanted to become a Life Coach

I am!  I did a great deal of training.  I threw in my safe job.  I now earn more than I did when I worked full-time for someone else and I don’t work full-time!  I love my job.  I love helping others achieve their goals and ambitions.

So the big question?

How do I feel about my Ex?  That man whose actions sent me spinning in this new direction?  Well, I think I have come out of it all (whatever it all is) in a great place.  I am happy being me.

I look back on it all now and see where we both went wrong – and yes, I take 100% responsibility for my behaviour in the months leading up to our split.  I wasn’t in a good place either.  I see that now.

I haven’t met my Mr Right yet but I know now the type of man I want to spend the rest of my life with.  And if he doesn’t show up then so-be-it.  I am having a great time doing my own thing.

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