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Names I’ve given this blog:

This blog has been in existence since April 2010 when I decided to write my way out of my own Chilean Mining disaster.  So it doesn’t cover the first 14 months of the break up of my marriage.

The blog has had several different titles – as I have moved through various stages of recovery!

First I called it “I will survive”  – said more in hope than any real true expectation.

Then I called it “The grass may appear greener”   – my cynical time.

Then I changed it again to “I can and I will Survive” – as at last I began to believe I really could.

In November 2010  I renamed it again to “I can and I will Survive …  and I have”  as I came ‘out into the sunshine” (mainly due to the 6’ and 30″ moment!).

12 Jan 2011:  Another moment of change:  Today I have renamed it Again – Sorry!! – To :  I’ve Survived …. and now I want to fly!

20 Feb 2011: No good the previous title was too optimistic.  I am still too wobbly for that title so I’ve changed it to a more realistic one:  “I Can Survive – and one day I’ll fly”

July 2011 – Updated to I’ve Survived! And I’m about to “fly”!!”

For now that feels how it should be

14 Oct 2011 – Updated to:  I’ve Survived and I’m Ready to “Fly”!
Because I am!

28 Dec 2011 – Updated once more to “I’ve Survived and I’m Flying” as this is the most forward looking title I can think of!


Well the sub-heading has!  It used to read “Surviving a marriage breakdown”  But I’ve just changed it to “Creating a new life after a marriage breakdown”  as I feel this is more optimistic and forward looking! (2 January 2011)

And now (July 2011) From Marriage Meltdown to Sensational Survivor” – see I am making progress!!


LC – Life Coach (Stephen Hedger)

OW – Other Woman

AT – Amazonian Tart (other name for the OW due to her height! – All 6′ of it)

MLC – Mid-Life Crisis

TMI – Too Much Information

The Alexometer

This is the rating I use on how I feel about Alex and whether I want him back.
The scale:
0 = Don’t ever darken my door again  up to 10 = I want him back come what may.

4 thoughts on “Info on this blog

  1. now I need to read through everything to try and work out what the 6′ and 30″ moment was. Damn I hate it when i have to work for things

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