Junction 13 does it for me!

Don’t ask me why!  But Junction 13 of the motorway I travel down every morning ‘does it for me’.  I feel incredibly sexy at this point of my journey to work. (By the way this doesn’t happen on my journey home!).

I remember when Alex and I were still together I used to have these wild erotic thoughts start as I reached this junction.  The next few miles were always quite pleasant as I thought of all the lovely things I’d like done to me.  Even though I knew the reality wasn’t so good (given my ‘problem’).  The fantasy was amazing!!

By the time I reach junction 14 the feelings have usually gone!  So not much time then!!

Just as well he was never in the car with me or I might have wanted to pull over to the side (called the hard shoulder in the UK) and ………  (well you get the idea).

Last night I regaled this interesting fact to some of the thespians I’m in the pantomime with and one suggested it might be the road surface giving me a nice set of vibrations!!  Well it’s an idea!!  However I’m not totally convinced it’s actually the junction itself which seems to have this bizarre effect on me.  And I don’t think I have a wild passionate desire to me made love to whilst hurtling down the fast lane at 70 miles per hour (careful of the speed limit!).

Maybe it’s more the time of day and my body clock reaching optimum whatever mode.

I never told Alex!  Like so many things I failed to tell him.  Sad really.  He’d have found it funny (I hope!).

Do I still get these feelings? Very much so!  Which is even more frustrating than before!!

Hypnosis – now there’s a thought!

I’ve just been giving this another ‘go’.  When I bought a couple of the downloads as mp3s the other day I also got ‘given’ a free download on Self-hypnosis!

Well I tucked myself up in bed (OK I know it was early – 7.30pm! – but I thought I better be comfortable!), clicked on the download and as it were, did as I was bid!

I remember concentrating and focusing on the object and not feeling at all as if my eyelids were getting heavy – in fact I had to make a conscious effort to shut them.  I listened to another 30 seconds or so and then discovered the download had stopped – no sound at all just silence!  So I clicked on Play again and followed the instructions again. Same result.

Except it’s now 8.30pm!!!  So I appear to have lost an hour.  And I’ve just realised that the download had stopped playing because it had got to the end.

Now the question is – did I fall asleep.  Or did I go into the deep trance that was suggested.  And as I can’t remember a thing about it I have no idea!

It’s all very interesting!   I wonder what effect this is going to have!

I think the only way I’m going to actually find out more is by downloading the actual scripts as clearly the mp3 download works too well!!

My life is like a Soap Opera – Part 2

Those of you who have had the tenacity to follow this blog for a while (well done you!) will know I’m currently renting a lovely little cottage in the heart of the village I’ve lived in for years whilst the house my Dad owned (and which Alex and I owned part of) has been refurbished and is now up for sale.  Once sold I will – hopefully – be in a position to buy somewhere!

Anyway here I am still minding my own business and still  being a model tenant!

The current phase of the Soap Opera kicked off last month on the day my stuff was delivered from store (worth reading this jolly little encounter!)

Whether it was this or some other incident that snowballed the current circumstances I have no idea but, currently my landlord (husband of this landlord setup) is now in prison.  Not a long stay I gather but nonetheless prison is where he is!  He’s been there since the New Year!  Reason – he has been found guilty of  breaching the court order which required him to keep a certain distance from his wife!  He also didn’t help matters by ‘going on the run’ from the Police for about a week before they finally tracked him down and in common parlance ‘banged him up’.

The stupid idiot also told their 10 yr old daughter that that’s where he was going!  Poor child – she really didn’t need to know.    She by the way – a lovely child – has just been knocked over on a road crossing (2 days ago) and now has a fractured arm. This, however, has not stopped her turning up for the pantomime we are doing so she can strut her stuff as one of the rats – albeit an injured one!!

The butcher’s shop landlord runs is currently being run by his father – who I believe is an engineer or builder or something but definitely not a butcher! And what I want to know is Who do I pay the rent to?

And one of my ideas of a permanent home is to buy this little cottage!  Well life is so interesting here.  I have no idea what’s going to happen from one day to the next!  Moving could be so dull!!

All this gives me no time to dwell!  By the way – 1st performance of the pantomime went well last night. The audience actually laughed!!!  2 more shows today!

Don’t shoot the taxi driver!

I thought I’d start 2012 with an amusing newspaper cutting!

This is from the letters page of the Namibian (one of their daily, national newspapers) in 2006 – the last time Alex and I visited the country – and which has  me giggling every time I read it:

The entire letter is a joy to read – from the unnecessary detail of the make of taxi to the exact information of where he was sitting!! I just love it!

Getting a bit of Passion

That’s what we all want!  Some of my fellow bloggers already have it – lucky sods!

Some of us are missing out on sex and passion at the moment – which feels a bit frustrating in more ways than I’m prepared to discuss here, so leave to your imagination.

Now I’m not going to rush around and have some ‘adult fun’ just for the sake of it as I think it wouldn’t do my mental state any good at all

But there are other forms of passion!  Clearly I appear to have found a Passion for becoming a Life Coach – either that or I’ve been seduced by the book covers at Amazon!  I say this as 3 ( yes I know THREE!) more books on NLP have just arrived on my doorstep.  Given the speed with which said bookstore is delivering them I think they must be overjoyed with my continued business and are therefore encouraging me to assist their profits!!

So if anyone asks me now did Life Coaching do me any good or would I have got to where I am without it the answer would have to be “I don’t know!”  Yes time heals – it has and continues to do so but I definitely wouldn’t be keeping the world of NLP book sales going so well if I hadn’t chosen to go the route I did!!

Now about that other passion. Perhaps I just need to log on to Ann Summers and solve that one too!  Given the lack of an alternative!!

(given how I’ve ‘tagged’ this post I now expect my site hits to soar and will be disillusioned if they don’t!)




The answer is Carrot cake – so what’s the question!

Apparently, according to today’s spam comment my Posts are not as good as they could be and I should try Carrot Cake Instead!

Well it’s a thought!

I’m not sure how carrot cake will help my writing here.  But who am I to argue!  Clearly spam commenters know best!

Carrots are supposed to help one to ‘see’ so maybe carrot and sugar and all the other scrumptious ingredients that go into the carrot cake I make could be the answer.  I don’t actually have my favourite recipe to hand at the moment as the book is buried deep in one of the boxes I stored a year ago and which are now lurking in the garage across the alleyway from my little cottage.

I know the recipe involves lots of ground almonds and NO CINNAMON (which I’m not overly fond of so just as well).  So am I sufficiently inspired by this request from my spam commenter to go on a hunt for the box which contains the book which contains the recipe – well no if I’m honest!!

Actually I’m horrified by the number of boxes which appeared last week when my belongings returned!  God knows what’s in them all – mostly wrapping paper I imagine.

So the question remains will carrots  improve my writing? Discuss!

Well,  I’ve created a whole post around this spam comment!

A whole mass of drivel and you dear reader have just read it – that’s if you’ve got this far and not had the sense to give up after the first paragraph!