Occasionally a post on this blog has generated a debate / discussion amongst my readers.  As this blog is about relationships and understanding me and how I’ve gone about it,  the topics of the debates are – by and large – related to these areas of life.

Just after I started to go to life coaching I did admit to Stephen (said Life Coach) that I was blogging my experiences.  He has said that being able to read my blog has given him a valuable insight into my moods and how I am responding to his coaching.

He only started to add comments on my blog having sought permission first!!  Anyway he now comments on occasions and I believe has added massively to the discussions which sometimes take off here.

To help you, dear reader, to find these ‘debates’ – either click on the Debates category on the right or from the list  below (which covers the more in-depth ones!) :

August 2011  – Debate on Love and Values (the big debate!)

June  2011 – How does a Strong Woman become a Real Woman

June 2011 – Why do men cheat & Real men don’t cheat & more!

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