Global Help Links

Welcome and first of all may I say regardless of how you feel or what you think, you are not alone. There are a whole mass of us from around the world who have suddenly found ourselves dealing with emotional trauma in various guises.  I hope by visiting my bog and using the pages here and the links below you will find the help you are seeking and maybe join us by adding your own resources  on your own blog as you find them.

If you are searching for something specific then please do comment and I will endeavour to point you in a direction where help can be found.

Good luck.

Below is a list of blogs whose owners are part of Global Help. They come from all walks of life.  I have also included various professionals offering help.  The common theme on the non-professional  blog sites is Global Help

As this grows I intend to split them into categories so you can find the type of help you feel you need with ease.  I shall also broadly zone them for different parts of the world so you know where the blogger is from:

Relationship issues including dealing with Divorce

Stephen Hedger –  Life and Relationship Coach –  London, UK (professional site)

On line Help for various issues

Hypnosis Tapes

Please do leave a comment. I'd love to read what you think

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