Oops Moments!

Irritation & tantrums!

1 Jan 2011 – This is a new emotion I’ve just started to experience – and rather too frequently.  I’ve had moments of total irritation with the whole process.  But only recently.  I want to lie on the floor and behave like a 2 year old.  I want to scream with irritation at the whole process of getting through this. I want to abdicate, give up on the Life Coaching, tell everyone to go to hell and just be rude to anyone who gets anywhere near me.  Not good for mixing with my fellow man!   I will update this bit as I come through this stage.


Feb 2011 – I now seem to be in the Anger stage. Real white hot anger against Alex and what he has done.  What he has destroyed.  But See Life Coaching – How to Suffer for what I am doing to myself.

Resignation & a bit of Apathy

March 2011 –This appears to be where I am now!  A level of acceptance that after two years the end I have is the end that is and miracles don’t happen.  This sounds as if I’ve turned into a pathetic insecure female who would accept any crumb from my soon-to-be-ex’s table.  Not so.

Confusion on becoming the Real Me

September 2011 – Yup and good old healthy dose of confusion and how to get to where I feel I should be.  No doubt this too will resolve itself – but right now it feels lonely and strange.

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