My wish for 2012

So how far have I got on getting my dream future

If I’m honest I haven’t achieved many of the goals. But as the saying goes (I hope) – I’m on my way.

So this year my wish is for all those who are in the same boat as me – so many of my fellow bloggers  who have been cast adrift against their wishes in a lifeboat they didn’t choose – may you find your goal and a new ‘life purpose’ –  to quote a certain Life Coach (!) –  and to learn how to focus on your futures rather than the past. To re-ignite your passion for living and for life

I wish and hope the pain diminishes for you.  I wish and hope you find the happiness which is yours by right. That the world treats you with love and care over the coming 12 months and that the hurt you’ve been through turns into hope, fun, laughter and joy – oh yes and more FUN!

That the world heals your wounds and the dark clouds which have that annoying habit of appearing just when you thought you’d banished them actually do go for good.

That the surreal feeling of your, and my, situation disappears

I wish you all meet the person of your dreams and find passion in your lives again if that’s what you truly want.

I wish and hope my brother digs deep and realises that he is throwing away so much and that possibly there is a beautiful and passionate future with the woman he married 28 years ago.  That he learns and understands that we all have failings and to admit to them is to be human.  That he discovers a little humility would make him so much more loveable and by letting people in rather than keeping them at arms’ length that the community spirit which surrounds him would respond with such kindness.

To those who are studying I wish you all amazing success and achievement.

To all those bloggers who have inspired me and egged me on as I found my way through the horror to where I am now  I say a big thank you, but especially to:

Counting Ducks,
Back on my Own,
Four is Family,
Poor Cow in France,
Lost in France

I’d like to thank LFBA  and Stephen for their contributions to that epic discussion Why Isn’t today Wednesday which had me mesmerized and from which I learnt so much.

You are all special to me in so many ways even if in most cases I’ve never actually met you.

And finally, of course, my Life Coach Stephen whose comments here have, for me, been so valuable.  Who has coached me into seeing my life differently and who, I might add, I can now totally blame for my overspending with Amazon as I become immersed in a subject which I’m finding fascinating and all consuming!!

And for god’s sake tell me if I become too nerdy and boring about my new direction in life!!!  I may ignore you because this is my blog – but I’d still like to know as the discussions are such fun!!

I wish you all good health and happiness and may 2012 be good to you.

Have fun everyone!!  Focus on the future!  Find some goals, paint your toenails blue and go for it!

Now where are all those men on the dating sites I’m on – come on!!