Good Things

So the  Quiz was fun.  The quiz master was someone in the public eye!  Who even seemed to know who I was and from whom I got a hug and even a kiss!  So that was cheering!  Last year my team won. This year we came 8th!

I have  been lured back to our local Am.Drams!  Fortunately I don’t have to do anything until after Christmas.

I have been invited to spend Christmas Day with some friends.  Which is brilliant as I can now avoid my family without having to either hide or make up some excuse for not joining them.

I have had a visit from a removal firm who promise they will look after me and I mustn’t feel anxious about moving as they will take care of everything!

So actually – when all’s said and done – things are going OK!

Oh yes and the Oil company delivered my heating oil 2 weeks early!  Phew!  I was heading for a very very cold time if they hadn’t.  So it’s nice to be sitting here in the warm rather than keep turning the heating off.

And I’ve added some more aphorisms to my aphorisms page.

I am now going to tackle my homework.   Which is to start putting my values in order.

It will be interesting to see how I get on…………………… (lots of dots for this one!)

Enjoy the journey

My late father used to say this to me – mainly in reference to my over-long commute to work.

But actually it applies to life – in all its aspects.  And he practised it every day of his 100 years.  Right up to the last day of his life.  He worked at it and he hardly ever lost sight of it.

So my message for today is

Enjoy the Journey