I’ve been banned!!!

Well that got your attention!

I’ve been a bit quiet this week.  I’ve not been in a ‘good place’.  Rather overwhelmed by life.  I allowed myself to be over nostalgic, gloomy….. and lots of other negative emotions.  In fact I’ve worn myself out this week weeping. Not good.  In fact Bad.   So thanks Pat for your email of concern.  You are, wonderfully, right I need to be busier!

But what I didn’t expect was to reach home to find a voicemail from the owner of our local Beauty Salon removing me as a client!!

Apparently the owner has taken exception to me expressing concern  to one of their other clients about the horrendous malicious gossip she and her member of staff have been spreading about this client and her daughter (and probably me too!) behind her back.

I dislike malicious gossip.  I don’t like seeing other people being hurt.  Especially good honest people who are working hard to trade in the village and offer important services which really matter in rural communities, and who are so supportive of this local community.

I suppose the owner could have rung me and apologised for their lapse of professionalism.  But clearly she was too uncomfortable with her behaviour to do that.

So instead I’ve been ‘banned’ for outing her and her staff!

Wow I must have hit a raw nerve!!

Anyway the ‘ban’  has had a very beneficial effect on me!  I’ve cheered up immensely and had a lovely giggle with a girlfriend!

Ah the joys of village life!  Hey ho!