Blog Titles – are they hindering us?

My relentless studying is giving me masses to think about.  How the brain will react to the tiniest, almost insignificant, word.  How we can so easily end up giving ourselves the wrong or right outcome just by changing the words we use.

This is what I mean:

I’ve set myself my goal:  To become a life coach.

I can ask myself two types of question:

1)  How will I feel if I’ve achieved it?
2)  How will I feel when I’ve achieved it?

Two questions so similar – after all there’s only one word which is different.  But that one word change makes a huge difference to how I feel.  Question One leaves me with a feeling of doubt.  A feeling that I’m going to have to struggle to get there and might not make it.  Question Two makes me feel amazing.  A feeling that I’m going to enjoy the ‘journey’ and that when I get there I’m going to feel even more amazing.

So that got me thinking.  How often do we inadvertently give ourselves the wrong message?  Most of the readers I get here have their own blogs.  Many of them are going through challenging times, similar to mine.  Many of us get stuck and find unsticking really difficult.

Small steps forward are definitely the order of the day.  But dear reader without realising it do even our blog titles give us the wrong message.

So my challenge to you all today is: Look at the title of your blog and ask yourself:

“Am I giving myself the best possible chance to ensure I will achieve my ultimate goal? Or without really realising it am I  feeding myself a stuck message?”:

Think about it!  Does your blog title portray a fantastic forward looking goal or does it give……

A backward looking message, a negative message, a lonely message, a poor me message, a lost message, an angry message ………??

My intention when I started my blog was to get out of my hole – my Chilean Mine! To Survive!  And survival to me meant real, amazing happiness.  I’ve found it a million times more difficult than I thought I would!  But my intention was and is to end up happy, which I hope in part is yours too.

So dear reader if you’ve got this far and not gone off in a rage of How dare she suggest such a thing, how about giving this a thought!

And then maybe doing something about it!!!!

Hugs to you all!