Blogging Etiquette!!

Good morning, dear readers.

I have had to take a sad step with my blog today.  I have had to take the step of moderating all comments before they become public.  This has been a hard decision to take and not one I have taken lightly.  But due to some extremely inappropriate and malicious commenting by one reader I’ve had no option.

I created this blog initially to give me the place where I could ‘write out’ my thoughts,  feelings and emotions.  A place where I had the freedom to say what I liked.  I then discovered I could help others going through the same traumas. Then various other readers have come along as they enjoy reading my ramblings on various topics.

What I will not allow this blog to become is a platform for others to air their ill-formed and malicious views.  Clearly this particular reader has their own issues to deal with.  Being amazingly rude on the pages of my blog is not the place to sort them out!

Don’t get me wrong,  I am quite happy to read differing points of view providing they are said respectfully  and we can have a mature debate on the subject.  This has, in fact, happened on several occasions and been useful for those following those debates!

Respect for a person’s space and their views on life is what I’ve always adhered to.  If I read a blog which I don’t necessarily agree with or I don’t feel I can add something constructive or cheerful to then I don’t comment.  It would be rude to do so!!

As I say it’s only been one reader, and she will know all too well who she is as I’ve removed her two comments this morning. The conversation was going nowhere and was bringing the ethos of this blog into question.

Hopefully in a few weeks I can return it to the freedom it had before!

To all my other lovely readers I say “Keep smiling” !  I do love your comments and your visits here.  I should add your comments will be published once I’ve approved them!!

Have a lovely Saturday