It all makes work for the working man to do

Or woman in my case!

Those of you who have followed my blog for a while will know I have a very on/off working relationship with BT (the UK’s main telecoms provider!)

Today I have spent my entire working hours speaking to this fine example of a communications company! 

One of my staff recently discovered two phone lines which we’ve been paying for for years but have no idea why we have them!  These lines don’t accept incoming calls so could be for alarms but what alarms is unclear.

So at 10.00am this morning I embarked on my quest of discovery!  Every time I’ve rung BT I’ve ended up down a different cul-de-sac of stunning ineptitude on behalf of their electronic systems.   On the odd occasion when I’ve accidentally talked to an actual human being I’ve been treated well but the information these poor people have on their screens has been completely useless.

I’ve been given numbers to ring which are unobtainable (5 times), I’ve been passed from one department to another only to end up back where I started!   I’ve been given the number of someone who no longer works for them, I’ve been cut off (once) and now, finally, I’ve left the query with one very helpful young lady who says she will ring me back!

I’m not holding my breath!

It’s now 2.00pm and I’m exhausted!!!

Hey ho – I’m connected!

And I did it all myself!!

With the aid of the router manual – downloaded earlier today.  And an enormous amount of patience (which I am not known for!!).  I’ve reconfigured the router and here I am typing away at home!!

I daren’t turn anything off though as I’m scared it will all vanish again! And it all seems a bit unsecured which doesn’t look right!

Perhaps Alex better come round just to tidy it up a bit!  Then I can give him his box of ‘stuff’ – the last one!

But I am feeling rather pleased with myself.  I was determined to work it out!  And I did. Sorry to keep going on about it but you have no idea – dear reader – how pleased with myself I am!!!

Clever little me!!!


OK – maybe it’s the router

Or there again maybe it’s not!

I’ve now established (after copious amounts of Googling and downloading the router manual) that I have had an ADSL connection ever since I moved – what I lack is a PPP Link!  Now I bet none of you realised that!!

The big question of the day is – whose fault is that?  Is it BT for not supplying the right ‘stuff’ down the wire – or is it my PC/Router configuration. 

I am still secretly hoping it’s BT!!  Most of the forums suggest it is an ISP problem.

You know, dear reader, I am learning more about the workings of my PC than I ever felt I needed to know.  What ever happened to plug and play? 

And note that is a What question!!  Not a Why!

And another thing – someone from the heavens is depositing large ‘slices’ of flaked white paint on my path.  They keep appearing from nowhere.  And I can’t see they’ve fallen off any bit of the house I’m in.  Bizarre!

Still it’s all interesting and keeping me ‘entertained’!

The next thing I’m about to learn is the inner machinations of the water softener system……!!!  Scary!  Women aren’t supposed to know this stuff!  Well this one doesn’t think she should (oops – Caroline – you do do this for a job sweetheart!)

I’m controlling my emotions!

Only because I need Alex to sort out my broadband connection.  Either that or I am going to invade India!

My saga with BT continues.  I spent over an hour on the phone to their call centre somewhere in India.  Now don’t get me wrong they are all lovely people – they just can’t help!

I’ve been given more technical reset codes than anyone needs.  I have dug into the nether regions of my PC – those dark areas deep in the code where no-one in their right mind wants to find themselves!  And it still doesn’t work!

I have introduced different cables, different routers.  I have become over familiar with connections and splitters and all manner of exciting bits and pieces of hardware.  And the light on the router which should shine a happy colourful green when the connection is made doesn’t even glow orange to say it’s trying but finding it difficult – it doesn’t come on at all.  This means no broadband!  But BT are adamant that it’s working!   WELL IT ISN’T!

So another day’s holiday taken as I can’t work at home when I can’t log in.  And as I don’t wish to drive my 70 mile journey to work on a Weds the only option is a day off!

I am hoping Alex can sort it all out – as he understands these things far better than I do!  Hence the controlling of emotions!  Even I can see that picking a fight with him right now would not endear him to helping me out!!

I shall escape to Life Coaching later and forget I ever wanted an internet connection!!

BT is a wonderful organisation…..!

So I now have a land line phone! But Not how I wanted it.

I am now connected with a line number which is totally different to the one I agreed with BT – which is somewhat surprising!  And I have the added bonus that none of my cordless phones work with it – which is also very gratifying!

In the face of a communications nightmare one must not in any way expect that a communications company is going to solve one’s problems!!

I am overwhelmed with a feeling of well being and the world is how it is supposed to be!!!

God help me next week when I’m supposed to get Broadband!  They’ll probably connect that to someone in Scotland!

They have written to me – but in Alex’s name!!

Still no sign of my redirected mail either!!!

Bring it on world!

OK I need to stop using exclamation marks!!!!!