Why isn’t today Wednesday!

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It’s been an odd sort of week!  I usually work from home on a Wednesday (gives me a break from the 140 mile round trip to work). But this week I turned up at the office – taking everyone, including myself, by surprise, un-nerving those who work for me, who no doubt see Wednesday as a respite from my presence, and generally causing confusion all round!!

So although today is Friday it feels like a Wednesday as I’m working from home today!  Friday home working is viewed as ‘cheating’ – adding a day to the weekend! I shall have to put in some ‘terrifying’ effort and keep emailing and ringing at moments when my co–workers think they’re safe!

Add to the mix:

  • that I’ve had no Life Coaching this week (slightly scarey);
  • that I’ve now blocked ‘B’s emails and am ignoring the texts, voicemails, phone calls etc.(good move I think – I was beginning to feel as if I was being stalked – and he’d become dangerously controlling – no wonder his wife has the issues she has – she may need a new hip and be in pain but I can understand why she’s not doing it – he can’t control what she does with her body!);
  • that I’ve now returned to the local Amateur Dramatics club and I’ve several small roles (small parts sounded faintly worrying! – No-one wants to have small parts – be they male or female!) in the production of Oh What a Lovely War,  which now requires me to go to rehearsals twice a week!
  • that AJ’s butterfly whacked him round the head with her wings and nearly extinguished him  – which thank god she didn’t (sorry AJ but to me that butterfly was definitely female, predatory and slightly vindictive – and how she managed to also carry a bedpan is amazing – but as she appears to have brought you back to the blogging world I like to think her intentions were – ultimately – benevolent!! – And by the way AJ that’s two links to your blog I’ve incorporated here – which is a sort of   welcoming you back thing – you’ve been greatly missed here!);

and it feels like all change and get on a new train!

I know I still sometimes wish a certain passenger was experiencing all this with me but if the silly sod got on the wrong train then that’s his fault not mine.  I just hope his train takes him to the wrong destination – preferably a dead-end!  And  – NO – I’m not going to go and pick him up when he realises how truly lost he’s become.  He can go and enroll in Life School and he can walk there and back!  (OK I do know I haven’t truly ‘let go’ yet – but hey I’m getting there!)

Enjoy your ‘Wednesday’!