I’m REALLY impressed

Said with bucket loads of sarcasm!

I’ve just got home to find yet another round of divorce papers. Why?  Because the wimp I am divorcing (not the man I married) couldn’t bring himself to admit he’d moved on 31 March and  has been living with his new partner since then so all the papers have had to be re-done AGAIN.  So another round of costs as everything is changed once more.  I’ve suggested to my solicitor that he picks up the extra costs given he’s the one causing them.

He hasn’t admitted  to any of this friends that he’s moved either.

It does rather explain his rather sheepish email in early April when he said ‘that for some reason or another he couldn’t log on to his email account’.  Doh!  I should have guessed!  He was moving!

I must say the OW is really bringing out the best in him!  He’s turned from being an honest, kind, loving human being to being someone who is avoiding telling the truth at all costs, lies, cheats and hides.  She really is doing him no end of good. She must be so pleased with herself. Wow I’m really impressed.

And VERY ANGRY this evening.

Rant over.

I just may take to the bottle this evening!

Real men don’t cheat

Today my Life Coach, Stephen, has written on
Women Want A Real Man.

How true.

To this I would add “Real men DON’T cheat”.  Because they actually give rather than take. Giving is easy when everything in the garden is rosy, the sex is great and life is going along fine.  But the fact that two people voluntarily opt to spend the rest of their lives together means that there will be moments when things get a bit de-railed.  When one or both wake in the middle of the night and look at the sleeping figure next to them and think ‘I’ve chosen to spend the rest of my life with that!!’

Then of course along comes someone new.  Someone who now slips under the moral radar –  as one or both of the partnership is questioning whether things should be different.  That someone who is doing different things, forging their own path and that path suddenly becomes fascinating; the solution to all the sameness that has been around for the last ‘n’ years.  New views on life. New body to explore….. I could go on, but I’m sure you all know what I mean.

So rather than re-enliven the current relationship. To take time to understand the person they’re with, the cheat chooses the other route.  How much more fun to go off and have a new lot of fun with someone else.  And why on earth shouldn’t they. After all we are only on this planet once.  I get the feeling the cheat justifies all these actions to himself.

The Real Man, takes time to actually stop in his tracks and ‘work’ at what he’s got.  Seeks guidance, communicates, listens and puts in that effort. He gives.  The rewards – as Stephen says – are stunning.  Growth is regained.  Life, love, fun and happiness renewed.

All I ever wanted from Alex was for him to be the man I so desperately wanted him to be. And had he done so he would have seen a ‘me’ that gave beyond his wildest dreams.  Such a shame he chose to fail.

So to all men I say this.  Real men don’t cheat, they give.  And in return Real Women give back!