The answer is Carrot cake – so what’s the question!

Apparently, according to today’s spam comment my Posts are not as good as they could be and I should try Carrot Cake Instead!

Well it’s a thought!

I’m not sure how carrot cake will help my writing here.  But who am I to argue!  Clearly spam commenters know best!

Carrots are supposed to help one to ‘see’ so maybe carrot and sugar and all the other scrumptious ingredients that go into the carrot cake I make could be the answer.  I don’t actually have my favourite recipe to hand at the moment as the book is buried deep in one of the boxes I stored a year ago and which are now lurking in the garage across the alleyway from my little cottage.

I know the recipe involves lots of ground almonds and NO CINNAMON (which I’m not overly fond of so just as well).  So am I sufficiently inspired by this request from my spam commenter to go on a hunt for the box which contains the book which contains the recipe – well no if I’m honest!!

Actually I’m horrified by the number of boxes which appeared last week when my belongings returned!  God knows what’s in them all – mostly wrapping paper I imagine.

So the question remains will carrots  improve my writing? Discuss!

Well,  I’ve created a whole post around this spam comment!

A whole mass of drivel and you dear reader have just read it – that’s if you’ve got this far and not had the sense to give up after the first paragraph!