My wish for 2012

So how far have I got on getting my dream future

If I’m honest I haven’t achieved many of the goals. But as the saying goes (I hope) – I’m on my way.

So this year my wish is for all those who are in the same boat as me – so many of my fellow bloggers  who have been cast adrift against their wishes in a lifeboat they didn’t choose – may you find your goal and a new ‘life purpose’ –  to quote a certain Life Coach (!) –  and to learn how to focus on your futures rather than the past. To re-ignite your passion for living and for life

I wish and hope the pain diminishes for you.  I wish and hope you find the happiness which is yours by right. That the world treats you with love and care over the coming 12 months and that the hurt you’ve been through turns into hope, fun, laughter and joy – oh yes and more FUN!

That the world heals your wounds and the dark clouds which have that annoying habit of appearing just when you thought you’d banished them actually do go for good.

That the surreal feeling of your, and my, situation disappears

I wish you all meet the person of your dreams and find passion in your lives again if that’s what you truly want.

I wish and hope my brother digs deep and realises that he is throwing away so much and that possibly there is a beautiful and passionate future with the woman he married 28 years ago.  That he learns and understands that we all have failings and to admit to them is to be human.  That he discovers a little humility would make him so much more loveable and by letting people in rather than keeping them at arms’ length that the community spirit which surrounds him would respond with such kindness.

To those who are studying I wish you all amazing success and achievement.

To all those bloggers who have inspired me and egged me on as I found my way through the horror to where I am now  I say a big thank you, but especially to:

Counting Ducks,
Back on my Own,
Four is Family,
Poor Cow in France,
Lost in France

I’d like to thank LFBA  and Stephen for their contributions to that epic discussion Why Isn’t today Wednesday which had me mesmerized and from which I learnt so much.

You are all special to me in so many ways even if in most cases I’ve never actually met you.

And finally, of course, my Life Coach Stephen whose comments here have, for me, been so valuable.  Who has coached me into seeing my life differently and who, I might add, I can now totally blame for my overspending with Amazon as I become immersed in a subject which I’m finding fascinating and all consuming!!

And for god’s sake tell me if I become too nerdy and boring about my new direction in life!!!  I may ignore you because this is my blog – but I’d still like to know as the discussions are such fun!!

I wish you all good health and happiness and may 2012 be good to you.

Have fun everyone!!  Focus on the future!  Find some goals, paint your toenails blue and go for it!

Now where are all those men on the dating sites I’m on – come on!!

A momentary aside

Yesterday I resurrected another ‘side’ of me and sent an email to my favourite radio broadcaster (who used to do the breakfast slot on BBC Radio 2 – national station for those of you not in the UK) and now just does a show on Radio 2 on Sunday mornings.

Ha!  I must have cheered up –  he read it out!  So Tansy is back (even if he didn’t read out her name!!).  Still I’ve put the email on her blog!  (yes she has a blog with all the posts she sent and which were read out – and no Tansy is not my real name! – nor is her surname of  Whitebytts!!!)

Health – daily challenge!

I’ve just signed up to:

What a brilliant site.  Inspirational.  It supplies a simple challenge each day to keep you focused on positive things to do in life every day.  This should be a Life Coach’s dream!

For someone like me, taking small steps towards a new future, goals are the issue.  These daily challenges are great fun, easily achievable and there’s a whole community ‘out there’ doing them every day.  At the moment I think you have to be a member of Facebook to join in.  But it’s free (as is Facebook). So come on everyone – go for it!!

I have a small community of friends I’m doing this with.  And having a mildly competitive streak in me means I make sure I do each day’s challenge come what may!!

My lunch ‘date’


I had a really good day yesterday!  I met up with my colleague from work (he left 5 years ago).  We met in London and he took me for lunch – and then tea – and then drinks!

We talked non-stop for 9 hours about anything and everything.  He got divorced 3 years ago and would still take his wife back if she made the effort to understand him!  I can understand totally where he is at, so we both felt safe chatting about our ex-partners. We laughed, we teased each other and we had a great time.

Good to have a friend to chat to.  And dear reader – he’s 12 years younger than me – so don’t go match making!  It wasn’t like that at all!

It did me a great deal of good.  It was a fun day out!  I got home just after 11.0opm!  All rather surprising as we admitted that neither of us expected the meeting to last more than a couple of hours at most!

Amusing Aside:

I appear to have a worrying fascination for crockery!  Now this may appear to be a bizarre thing to write about – and I suppose it is!   The thing is I was specifically left all my parent’s crockery in their Will!  Which I have always found very funny as none of it is worth anything (mostly chipped).  I have enough crockery to feed most of the village off – so what do I find myself doing yesterday before my lunch date.  Wandering into Liberty’s and other well known stores and going round the china departments covertly eyeing up their offerings and wishing I had the money to buy plates, cups, mugs and tea pots.  (My parents obviously recognised this need in me many years ago!!!)

I’d just like to say…

That I’ve had a pleasant day working from home.  I feel a great deal calmer!  The meditation exercise definitely worked.

I am considering taking Friday off work as – when I look at it all – I still have rather a lot of sorting out to do. I have loads of companies I need to contact about my move so a working day at home seems a good idea.  Also  I still need to establish some sort of order to each room so I at least have some idea of what’s going where.  Or the movers and I are going to be on first name terms and in a deep and meaningful relationship before I move anywhere – if you follow me!!

And I’m not sure I want  a deep and meaningful relationship with the movers!!  I might be feeling a bit desperate but one does have to draw the line somewhere!!

I am now really looking forward to moving to my new temporary home.  I can make it mine and have things as I want and have a new start.  This is going to be so good.  I wish I hadn’t got to wait 2 weeks.

I shall be close to people as I’ll be in the heart of the village.  A nice safe feeling. And I shan’t have to worry constantly whether I’m going to run out of central heating oil as the new place is on gas.  At the moment I’m living in dread of running out of heating before I leave! And it is a bit chilly at the moment.

So it’s good.  And I’m going to have fun.  I may not be clear on what I’m going to do but I am going to have fun!

So I have a feeling of great peace this evening.  And I am focusing on staying this way.  It’s so much less tiring!

And also I don’t need to cross all my bridges at once. Which I think I’ve been trying to do.  I wanted it all sorted now.  And actually doing that is quite restricting as it rather inhibits other options.  Yes I need to take action on some things – but not everything at once.  I don’t need to be quite so manic (well I wasn’t – I was just thinking I had to be).  I don’t want to ‘stay still’ but I can take things a bit more calmly.

And now I’m off to ‘get my hair done’ – perhaps a new look might be fun.