Phew! Work!

I actually woke up with a sense of relief this morning that I could go back to work! 

After yesterday who can blame me.  And I did sleep last night.  I had no other option.  I was physically and mentally exhausted!

Thank you – my dear readers – for egging me on and supporting me yesterday, you’ve no idea how it helped.  And stick with me I only have one room to go + a few cupboards (which I think should be OK having ‘scanned’ them!).  Then this emotional marathon will be over and we can all breathe a sigh of relief!!  And I will award you all medals for perseverence in the face of considerable adversity!  I do hope I haven’t bored you to tears!  There’s been enough crying on these posts and I’ve run out of mopping up material!

Thank you for  all the virtual hugs too!!

Clearing up – now on hold…..

Oops (and a big dose of ouch)!  “pinged my back”  this morning whilst lifting a box – and now I can’t lift anything, or bend very well.

Clearly I’m supposed to be resting today! (I know any excuse!).  There are lots of things to sort out which don’t require lifting…….   But you’ve guessed it – I’m not doing those  either!!!

I had the great idea of doing some photography instead so dumped lots of raw meat (I’d thrown out of a freezer)  in the garden for the red kites to eat.  They sat in the trees at the bottom of the garden (8 of them) and looked at the food until the light was too bad to take pictures – then they swooped in to feed!  Great!!  Still – lots of fresh air and standing about in the cold for me!

And as I can’t do any clearing I’ve been doing some more to my blog and have just updated the Shock Page.

And so it came to pass (updated)

And it came to pass that on the 5th day of Christmas (and the 4th of clearing) Caroline awoke after a night of very troubled sleep (and a great deal of very troubled awake!!)  and glared at the sorting out.

Today it is that House Clearance descend on the part which belonged to her father.  And they will clear everything which isn’t labelled – but she is ready!  Everything IS labelled.

And she reminded herself that she doesn’t have to pack.  The movers will be doing that for her in 2 weeks time.  All she needs to do is label what is going with her, what is going to store and just bin everything else.  SIMPLES! (for those who don’t understand this word you will need to Google it -the S at the end is important!)

I would like to conclude that I haven’t yet managed to skip and hop around waving a marker pen and brandishing the labels.  But I just might try that as a tactic!

Actually all I really want to do is sit down and shout:

“I don’t want to play anymore!  Can I stop doing this now?!”


A good example of your mind giving you what you want!  I went to my physio/acupuncture session – and truthfully gave up after that!

I even resorted to cleaning the car!!!

Then when I thought I was cornered and there was no escape,  my great friend rang up and “dragged” me off shopping as she felt I needed a break!!  So that’s taken care of the afternoon and I’m going to dinner at her house tonight so that’s sorted out the rest of today!

Note to self: It’s still got to be done Caroline ……….  And sitting down playing with the background to this blog and trying out different colours is not helping!

Small things are making me weep!

A case of bother – or – actually – much stronger words than that!  A receipt from a campsite and a map of Botswana set me off today – I wept and wept!!

Good grief I am pathetic!

Anyway I soldiered on and have now all but completed 3 rooms. And I have given away nearly all the alcohol which was stacked up in 3 large wine-racks.  All those half-full bottles of spirits and those strange bottles which people bring back from places they visit and which usually taste like cough mixture!  Plus all the bottles of champagne and white wine I seem to have – which I don’t drink.  So the whole lot (about 50 bottles) went to my great friend and her family.  Her son is having a cocktail party tonight  at his new house and I appear to have  now supplied about 98% of the spirits!  Well I am pleased.  She has done so much for me these last 22 months.


In a very unfestive mood…

I got going this morning and went shopping in our local town as I really do need to buy one or two presents.

I suppose the great thing about this is that I don’t have to buy many things.  I may not get many pressies – but I haven’t got to fork out for many either!!

My heart is definitely NOT in it!!    I am not feeling at all in the mood for Christmas!  Sorry everyone!

And then – of course – it’s snowing!

And the snow’s getting worse!  So I escaped home!  Good excuse!  My ever trusty 4×4 has got me home but I am lacking food so I am about to venture out again before things get even worse!

Update at 12.30 – I’ve done enough shopping to keep body and soul together for a few days and I’ve had 2nd breakfast with my great friend and her husband.

I’ve stopped myself falling down my outside staircase by clearing the snow as I go up!  A great improvement on 12 months ago when I failed in this basic approach!

I’ve dragged in some coal and wood so I can light a fire.

And I may be feeling low and rather tearful ( for reasons I can’t quite fathom) but at least I can keep warm and I won’t be hungry!

And I have an “exciting” afternoon ahead of me clearing out rubbish and making sure I have emptied my father’s part of the house of things that I want before my brother sends in his army of daughters to have their pick closely followed by the house clearance men!

The trick in my life just now is to keep one step ahead of my brother!!