Giving yourself more choices!

That’s what my NLP training is teaching me to give to others.   To guide them into opening the doors within them to enable them to have more choice.

The work I did with Stephen did this for me in ways I hadn’t ever expected!

After all becoming a life coach wasn’t on my radar before – or at least I didn’t think it was!

It’s great discovering the tools and learning to use them and then seeing the results of putting these tools into practice. I’m just surprised that in me it took so long to allow them to happen!  Once I did let myself accept the processes then the results came thick and fast!

I think what can put some people off being coached is they think it may remove choice. I think that’s what worried, or even scared, me at one stage.  I’m sure I kept that worry to myself which, of course, didn’t help the process one iota as I blocked so much in the beginning.

The point is it does exactly the opposite. Far from removing choice it just gives one more.  The choices one had before are still there. All it does when it succeeds is give one a whole stack more to choose from. That’s what’s exciting and liberating.

Anyway on the hypnosis front, I’ve now got as far as module 4 in my on-line  course. I’ve passed all the on-line tests so far which is gratifying! The self-hypnosis section which I’ve just completed took some doing as I got so relaxed I fell asleep – twice!!  What a way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  I’d meant to go out and take photos of the bluebells!  The trouble is I missed this afternoon completely!!  Still the snooze was nice and relaxing!

I’m learning about hypnosis as I believe the language patterns used will help me as a coach.  I can be rather direct! So I’m doing the course to give me more choices in the way I say things to enable those I hope to coach more opportunities to understand what I am coaching them about.


Hypnosis – now there’s a thought!

I’ve just been giving this another ‘go’.  When I bought a couple of the downloads as mp3s the other day I also got ‘given’ a free download on Self-hypnosis!

Well I tucked myself up in bed (OK I know it was early – 7.30pm! – but I thought I better be comfortable!), clicked on the download and as it were, did as I was bid!

I remember concentrating and focusing on the object and not feeling at all as if my eyelids were getting heavy – in fact I had to make a conscious effort to shut them.  I listened to another 30 seconds or so and then discovered the download had stopped – no sound at all just silence!  So I clicked on Play again and followed the instructions again. Same result.

Except it’s now 8.30pm!!!  So I appear to have lost an hour.  And I’ve just realised that the download had stopped playing because it had got to the end.

Now the question is – did I fall asleep.  Or did I go into the deep trance that was suggested.  And as I can’t remember a thing about it I have no idea!

It’s all very interesting!   I wonder what effect this is going to have!

I think the only way I’m going to actually find out more is by downloading the actual scripts as clearly the mp3 download works too well!!

Hypnosis is fascinating

Well I’ve always reckoned that hypnosis works on other people but not on me.

This is based on not one shred of evidence one way or the other as, to my knowledge, I’ve never been hypnotized!

A few months ago Stephen (LC) informed his blog followers of this resource (click).  I read the list and then did nothing about it.

Well on this new found ‘mission’ I seem to be on to learn all I can about Life Coaching,  I decided that I should find out more.

Ooh err.  I’ve listened to one download twice now – both times with a determination to hear it all the way through without ‘nodding off’ so to speak.  And damn it twice now I’ve ‘woken up’ on being told to do so.

And I can’t tell you for the life of me where the 25 minutes went to!!

Now they may work for you and there again they may not.  But for the minimal cost they are it’s worth a try!

Did the one I chose work – well much as I find it strange to admit it I think the answer could be yes!

Have fun!!

The books….

So, dear reader, this is what I’ve been reading!

Time to Think and More Time to Think by Nancy Kline – excellent books and fascinating subject matter.  After reading the first one I tried out her technique at work and was very surprised by the result.  People said a lot more – and all because I ran a meeting where interrupting was banned! 

‘My Voice will go with you’ and ‘Uncommon Therapy – Psychiatric Techniques of Milton Erickson.  Both really interesting.  What a clever man.

The Magic of Metaphor  and  The Salmon Of Knowledge both by Nick Owen.  Great stories that really got me thinking.

Get the Life you Want & An Evening with Richard Bandler.  Richard Bandler is one of the co-founders of NLP – I’m finding this is the area I’m struggling with but it’s so fundemental I must ‘crack it’.  So I keep re-watching the DVD and re-reading the book! 

Still to tackle:

Coaching with NLP  by Joseph O’Connor
The Rainbow Machine – tales from a Neuro-Linguist’s Journal by Andrew Austin

Aren’t I going to have one fun Christmas week!!  I’m on holiday for the entire break so can devote myself to my studies!

There haven’t been enough hours in today!

I never, NEVER, never thought I’d say this!!  I never thought I’d feel like this!

But today there just haven’t been enough hours in the day to get done all the things I’ve wanted to.  I’m now reading two books at once “Time to Think” – which I’ve mentioned before and also a book about hypnosis: “My Voice will go with you” – The Teaching tales of Milton Erickson.  OK I do have to admit I fell asleep for an hour which was rather surprising – one moment I was engrossed in it and the next I opened my eyes to find I’d lost a whole hour.  Perhaps I hypnotised myself into slumber!

I’ve also been watching my DVD: An Evening with Richard Bandler, Introduction to NLP –  which I’m now watching for the 2nd time today.

I keep getting deja vu moments as I come across techniques  that I remember Stephen using – and I hope I’m getting a glimmer of understanding as to why!

There have been a few irritating moments of interruption like essential shopping and  other chores! As was the need to go and buy four YES FOUR new tyres for my car!  This car is going to bankrupt me at this rate!!  Just as well I wanted to get back home – I can’t afford to shop for fun!!

I’ve even managed to get my French homework done!  A first this early in the weekend!  And I’ve written more than one paragraph on the subject of the niqab which isn’t exactly an easy topic in any language!  My tutor doesn’t make life easy!!

So today has been a good day. Have a lovely evening everyone!!!