The future of our futures

LFBA has just written a post on the Future of our Past and it got me thinking.

We can’t rekindle the past. We may mourn the loss of what we had and what we were envisaging it would give us going forward but we have our memories – the good and the not-so-good, the amazing shared times and all the others in-between –  and no one can take those away.

Drawing a line and looking forward and never back is difficult, in fact tougher than anything I personally have ever faced in my life to-date.

My internal dialogue can trip me up when I least expect it or want it to and I can find myself running off down yet another dead-end lane of sadness, distress and confusion.

But creating a brighter future with the future I now face is better than sticking to the thoughts of what might have been….. if only…………………

I know I still sabotage myself more frequently than I would wish!  Ideally I wouldn’t do this at all! But I recognise I do.  So much so that I’ve booked another session with Stephen!  I now know, because I’ve learnt, what I need to do.  I even have a strong clue on how to do it.  I just need a coach to watch over me and guide me whilst I do!  To push me on when I may baulk at the process.

And I’m going to do this as I  know, emphatically,  I don’t want to be looking at me ‘n’ years down the road and wishing I hadn’t wasted those precious years of my life in a hopeless circle of the  “what could have beens”.

So next Saturday I’m going to have a fun 2 hours giving myself another nudge forward!  And anyway I also want to discuss coaching techniques with him. The learning process never ends – which is what’s such fun!