Ipad on!

Success is mine! I’m now connected to the world via my new router and my ipad likes it which is somewhat of a relief!

So this post is actually being typed from the aforementioned device! What fun! I can see hours of endless timewasting amusement in the offing!

Actually I must get on. I have a website to design, my finances to sort out and a hypnosis module to complete!

The other interesting aspect of this is that my blog looks really different on an Ipad. All my links on the right of the page are excluded.  All I see is the actual post itself!


Call to Action: Make your blog ipad friendly!

You never know what’s going on in WordPress – well you don’t if you’re me!

I just blog away thinking everyone’s seeing my blog as I see it! Wrong!!

Apparently if you read my “words of wisdom(!)” via a mobile, ipad or other tablet device (you lucky soul if you own an ipad!) then you won’t – until now – have been getting the full benefit of my finely honed blog theme! All that effort with my widgets and banners will have missed you completely!

Now I take no credit for finding the solution for this at all! Oh no dear reader. But via a link from one of my other blogging buddies I have been given the solution.

Here it is: I encourage you to spread the word. By the way the instructions are very easy to follow:
Kana’s Notebook