As Churchill apparently said!

The ups and downs of life are sent to try us! And I am severely tried here. If this is a test can I settle for a lower grade rather than the full degree course!!

being stuck at home for the last week after a little knee op (that’s a little op rather than a little knee!) I have resorted to daytime TV in an attempt to keep me from total boredom.

I appear to have become worryingly hooked on Jeremy Kyle (a whole new world of relationships has opened up in front of me – I didn’t realise mine was so boring and mundane!)

I have also had far too much time to think – NOT GOOD – especially when the thoughts are negative!

POSITIVE THOUGHTS are what I need right now

And I can’t be all ‘sorry for me and why should I go on’ as apart from anything else what a waste of everyone’s efforts and money on repairing my knee!!!