Junction 13 does it for me!

Don’t ask me why!  But Junction 13 of the motorway I travel down every morning ‘does it for me’.  I feel incredibly sexy at this point of my journey to work. (By the way this doesn’t happen on my journey home!).

I remember when Alex and I were still together I used to have these wild erotic thoughts start as I reached this junction.  The next few miles were always quite pleasant as I thought of all the lovely things I’d like done to me.  Even though I knew the reality wasn’t so good (given my ‘problem’).  The fantasy was amazing!!

By the time I reach junction 14 the feelings have usually gone!  So not much time then!!

Just as well he was never in the car with me or I might have wanted to pull over to the side (called the hard shoulder in the UK) and ………  (well you get the idea).

Last night I regaled this interesting fact to some of the thespians I’m in the pantomime with and one suggested it might be the road surface giving me a nice set of vibrations!!  Well it’s an idea!!  However I’m not totally convinced it’s actually the junction itself which seems to have this bizarre effect on me.  And I don’t think I have a wild passionate desire to me made love to whilst hurtling down the fast lane at 70 miles per hour (careful of the speed limit!).

Maybe it’s more the time of day and my body clock reaching optimum whatever mode.

I never told Alex!  Like so many things I failed to tell him.  Sad really.  He’d have found it funny (I hope!).

Do I still get these feelings? Very much so!  Which is even more frustrating than before!!