This should be an Olympic sport…..

For consistently NOT sleeping!!

If so I beg to claim the Gold medal!   I appear to have turned Not Sleeping into a sport all of my own!   Either that or a new ‘art form’.  I am stupendous at it!!

And clearly BT feel I shouldn’t be awake as I couldn’t log on to the internet at 3.00am this morning, nor at 4.00!!  So I was thwarted in my desire to surf the net and generally make a nuisance of myself!!

I wasn’t even particularly unhappy!  Just AWAKE!!  Oh yes and cold!  Well once I got up and roamed around the house.

But the really clever bit – which earns me the medal – is the trick I have of falling back to sleep at about 5.15am – 30 minutes before my alarm goes off! 

Well at least I have my exciting evening of leaflet folding to look forward to!  My life is so packed with interesting and diverse activities!!

(BTW: It would appear our local newspaper is ‘coming off the fence’ as the front page today is all about the stadium concerns which is a great lead in to tomorrow’s leaflet campaign)