A change of Scene

So I’m off to spend 15 days in Croydon!!  Those of you in the UK will know that Croydon isn’t exactly the most exciting place on the planet!

But as I’ll be locked in a lecture room for 99.99% of the time this hardly matters.

It will be great to finally do the NLP course.  I have a suspicion I’m going to get fairly tired!  I hope my brain doesn’t let me down!  (has vision of brain being fried by all the information!)

I’m staying with friends so at least I won’t be on my own in the evenings which I think will be good for me. And I’ll be able to practice on them!!  Poor souls!!

I’m slightly nervous about the assessment day at the end but I can only do my best. And my best is a determination to pass!

So wish me luck, dear reader!

I hope to remain on line.  I’m taking my trusty laptop with me.  So I’ll keep you updated!!

Target of the Sales Pitch!

I’m used to this at work and ignore all of them!   I know what I need.  I know what I don’t need and  I know when I’m being conned!  In fact I feel sorry for the cold callers who have to suffer my chirpy, negative responses to their calls (if they actually manage to infiltrate themselves past my Receptionist!).

My dilemma at the moment is what should I do next once I’ve completed my NLP Practitioners’ Course in March.

As I’ve been making enquiries around I am getting ‘offers’ for courses. The “Don’t miss this fantastic chance”, “Sign up now for a discount” etc.

I am well aware that NLP is not the be all and end all of becoming a coach.  I’ll need other tools, in fact as many tools as I can get.

So do I go for:

  •  Ericksonian Hypnosis – a 4 day course,
  • The just offered Strategic Intervention Course with its masses of bonuses, one-to-one calls, discounts  and special offers  all conducted on-line, Very tempting!  But a fairly hefty investment
  • a Thinking Environment Course,
  • EFT………


The trouble is I want to know it all.  I want to know it all NOW and I wish I could wake up one morning and find I do!!

Don’t get me wrong I’m enjoying the reading and the learning.  It’s just all these courses look very appealing.   Some are asking for instant sign up.  And I have no idea what to do next. And because I don’t know enough I don’t know if I’m being lured in by a sales pitch which is full of razamataz and not worth the cost.

And you, dear reader, probably can’t help me!!

Doing what feels right for me is OK – up to a point!!  All the above feel right. But just because they feel right, as in topics, doesn’t mean what’s being offered is the right way to learn!!

I have a sum in my mind that I’ve allocated to my training, and I can afford all the above (just) but that doesn’t mean they all could be giving me the best route and the best results!