Call to Action: Make your blog ipad friendly!

You never know what’s going on in WordPress – well you don’t if you’re me!

I just blog away thinking everyone’s seeing my blog as I see it! Wrong!!

Apparently if you read my “words of wisdom(!)” via a mobile, ipad or other tablet device (you lucky soul if you own an ipad!) then you won’t – until now – have been getting the full benefit of my finely honed blog theme! All that effort with my widgets and banners will have missed you completely!

Now I take no credit for finding the solution for this at all! Oh no dear reader. But via a link from one of my other blogging buddies I have been given the solution.

Here it is: I encourage you to spread the word. By the way the instructions are very easy to follow:
Kana’s Notebook

Values and their order

I’ve been out for the evening – well for a short time, doing my bit with the local protest group and our fight to save our airfield and green space! My action from the meeting  is to write a one page “How to Blog for Dummies”  as no-one seemed to understand how to post on WordPress – which one person claimed was a terrible piece of software (he likes Blogspot – poor man!).  No one understood categories or tags – or anything much other than commenting!   So I told them I was the blogging ‘queen’ – One of my hobbies is blogging and there’s very little about blogging I didn’t know – which is hyping up my knowledge rather!!!  (I got carried away with the moment – a failing of mine on some levels   – but clearly not all – if you follow me!). Anyway given the level of knowledge of everyone else I reckon I’ll get away with it!!

But for the last hour I’ve been ‘playing’ with my Values cards and putting them in order of importance – all 70 of them. (I wonder if I have too many – it seems a long list to order – but they all seem to matter!)

I’ve now got each one written on a green plastic card (cards courtesy of work which we’ve had for years and didn’t know what to do with!)

They are sitting in columns on my dining table and I keep looking at them and shifting them round. It’s a fascinating way to spend those odd moments when I don’t know what else to do.  And great for avoiding the endless packing and sorting out which is still pursuing me like a run-away train!  I keep looking around me at the mess – I wonder what I’ve been doing these last 10 days or so as I still appear to have masses of ‘stuff’ and it’s all over the place and I can’t believe I’ve got rid of enough.  I really mustn’t panic!!  I’ve also got this feeling I’m moving into a dolls house and I won’t have room for anything. Well I get the keys tomorrow so I’ll soon know!

But to get back to my Values Cards – I’m not sure I’m getting anywhere with getting them in a logical and sensible order – but maybe I am!!

So there you go – Stephen – I can do my homework when asked!!

Just an observation on WordPress themes

I keep changing the look of this blog as I can’t find a theme I really like!

In my current mood I can’t handle a picture banner or photo banner as any I put on is too reminiscent of my past.  I want one which is colourful and bright but fits the screen resolutions well.

Don’t get me wrong – there are loads to choose from and WordPress is a ‘good place to be’.

I keep changing between “Spectrum” – colourful but I don’t like some aspects of the fonts and I think some screen resolutions don’t work with it – and “Notepad”  which I really like but I would prefer to be able to change the colour scheme as it’s a bit ‘brown’ and I find brown a bit depressing. And I also have a sneaky suspicion it  reminds me of African Explorers which in turn reminds me of my life with Alex as we spent so many of our holidays doing the Independent African Explorer thing – which I loved and adored so much.

Hey ho.  I will just carry on messing about with it.  I’ve clearly got too much time on my hands!!