I wish!

Sometimes I wish I could be as good at the relationship part of my life as I am at my job!

That sounds arrogant but I am, mostly, good at the job I do!

I think that’s part of the problem.  I spent yesterday calming down members of staff who were still ranting at the removal of the storage cabinets for their files in the new office environment.  They raged to see how much furniture had been removed!  Sensibly they came to vent their spleen on me rather than the Managing Director – who would have only got defensive!   So I listened,  I encouraged them not to whinge, and then gently directed them towards getting what they want by not winding up the MD but engaging him with their issues in a professional manner so he would buy into their problems and solve them for them!  I became mentor and confidante.  I made them laugh by going round myself dishing out the new waste bins rather than leaving it to my staff to do!  I smoothed ruffled egos.

I walked the area with the MD after the majority of the staff had gone home last night so we could discuss issues that had been raised, and clearly my efforts have been paying off as his attitude to the minimalist approach was beginning to soften and he was taking a more individualistic approach to issues.  He even turned a blind eye to the person who had clearly been moving furniture – which on Sunday would have been a crime worthy of a death sentence (as a minimum!!)

Though I pity the one particular member of staff who has refused to use any of the storage shelving provided for him as it isn’t next to his desk – but two feet away from it – so he’s piled all his files on the floor!!!   I have a suspicion there is about to be a battle which he is very unlikely to win!  The general view of those sitting near him is they hope the battle takes place when they are all within earshot!!

Then I came home, to an empty house, with no one to smooth my ruffled feathers or to be my confidante and friend. No-one to share the day with and laugh at the ludicrous moments.

That’s when it’s tough.

Some people should be banned from meetings!

Either that or they should be told – nicely – to Shut UP! 

I’ve just sat through an hour long meeting where one ‘young lady’  who considers herself the most important person on the planet totally took over and pontificated through every agenda item.  Answered for others.  Wouldn’t let anyone else get a word in and generally appeared to behave as if without her we would all be doomed!!   I nearly lost the will to live!  I wanted to hold a notice up saying “Sarah – Breathe!  Then – while you’re doing that – the rest of us can get a word in!”

Still I suppose it’s all part of life’s rich pattern!!

I really do need a new goal and to get away from this job before I do something I might regret!!!

I enjoy Wednesdays!

I work from home on Wednesdays.  Which is great.  No 70 mile journey to work so I can get up later!  I’m settled in.  I have my work laptop buzzing away on the dining table.  My home  PC on and logged  on to my favourite sites, the washing machine working hard, the coffee on….!  All good!  And – you may have noticed – I’m blogging rather than working!  Actually I can do both – being a woman  – I can multi-task!

My Photos:  OK so I have still to achieve that magic 20/20 score!  My tiger photo got 19 and my hover fly a low 16 which meant it didn’t get added to my overall total!  One more point and it would have done – I thought the judge was rather mean!  And it is all about points!   We were only allowed 2 photos last night as there were so many entries so I withdrew my bluebell photo (which in hindsight was a pity as the judge was very keen on flowers taken from interesting angles!!!)

What I don’t understand about this scoring business is that no-one ever seems to get less than 12 – so why bother with numbers 1 -11!  It’s bizarre!


Well I may find it difficult to apply what I have been learning in my private life but I took work by surprise this morning!

Why?  Because I have been feeling increasingly sidelined over the last year or so.  So I set myself a couple of goals last night.  Goals to make me feel more responsible for the areas I am – actually – in charge of and responsible for!

First off – I requested  a meeting with all interested parties on the programming project I am supposed to be coding, which has far too many people putting their awe in – all with their own agenda!  So they have been issued with an all-encompassing agenda!  Items on it include: What is the actual Goal of this Project.  And how will we know when we have achieved it.

I have been met with meak acceptance to the meeting and a stunned silence!

So I have wrested back control of the project which is what I wanted!

I have also asked and then almost demanded  to be allowed to speak at our next company meeting on the Security  issues, rather than let our CEO do it (who won’t have a clue what he’s talking about!).  And I have won that one as well!

Hello world of work!  This is much better!

Well, well, well!

Good morning – dear reader.

It just goes to show if you listen to those who know (ie in my case Stephen – my Life Coach)  and practice what they suggest to you –  care for yourself and live by what you truly value  – then – in my case – you sleep!!

OK I woke at 5.00am but that is one major improvement on 2.30am which has been the case for the last 4 nights.

I might even put some effort into doing what I am paid to do today – which I am sure will cheer those who are waiting for my programming skills to be demonstrated!  There is only so long you can avoid doing something incredibly tedious (which this one is going to be) but the quicker I can clear it off my ‘To Do” list the quicker I can come up with something a bit more challenging, fun and interesting.

I suppose that applies to life in general really – which has only just occurred to me!  Yes I know – if ever there was a Statement of the Obvious that’s it!!!

So my goal for today is to get all those things done which I have been putting off (OK I know the programming job is going to take a few weeks but each line of code will get me one step nearer to knocking if off the list!)

Enjoy your day everyone


PS  I do wish more people would comment on this blog!  I like the comments – providing they are positive of course. This is a positive place!