A little excitement in my life!!

No – BT have NOT connected my phone or Internet.  And anyone in the UK who reads this will understand that if I see their Advert  once more – on how easy it is to move house and how they will care for you all the way- I will probably report them to the Advertising Standards Authority for mis-representation!!

Guess what? –  I am going out tomorrow!!!  I am having lunch with a man!  Someone I used to work with.  We are meeting in London!  And it’s all above board – he’s single again too! (And I haven’t told anyone locally where I am going or what I am doing – which is quite nice!  – After all I am answerable to no-one – just me!!)

Apart from that – the appeal of my little house continues to grow.  I am getting to like it more and more.  I’ve bought myself a small TV for the kitchen and it all feels homelier and homelier by the day.

My redirected mail seems to have vanished down a blackhole  – but I suppose that was also to be expected. At least I’m not getting any bills!!

So I am being positive!  Perhaps it’s all the visits to the pub so I can catch up on emails!!

1 thought on “A little excitement in my life!!

  1. Lunch date, good move there Caroline. Not too much pressure, you should have a good time, plus it’s less likely that you will order a dessert!!! Hope things go smooth and you have a nice time. AJ

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