So this is what it’s all about!  Setting yourself Goals and then working to achieve them!  Stephen (my life coach) provided the questions!

1.                      What do you want to achieve and why?

2.                      How will you know when you have it?

3.                      What resources are needed?

4.                      Is the Goal Possible?

5.                      When and where will you have the resources?

6.                      What are the advantages of making this change?

7.                      What are the disadvantages of making this change?

8.                      What will achieving this lose you?

9.                      Which of your values will be fulfilled by achieving this outcome?

10.                  What is important about getting this?

11.                  What will this outcome help you avoid experiencing?

12.                  What is the benefit?

And now in graphical form:  (source:  the same!)

Goal - Action - Result - Proof - Learn

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