Another trawl through the archives and other stuff!

Every couple of months or so I go back through the archives of my blog (I’m so glad I have the archives as a widget – it makes it so much easier to zip back in time!) and read past posts.

Wow, a lot of repetition!!  But also moments of insight and challenges which have given me the necessary push forward!

I came across Limbo Land just now – a useful post as it was written  a couple of months before I finally ‘found my goal’!!

A good reminder!

I also like to read the archives of other readers’ blogs to see how far they’ve come, or not!

Some have changed massively, some haven’t.  Some are stuck in the never ending circle of the same issues. Some are firing onwards with their lives.

What they choose to write about or or not is totally down to them and absolutely none of my business!!  After all I am not in a  position to judge others.  I’m not living their lives from their perspective!

All I can say it’s quite an eye opener to have a trawl back in time and  remind oneself of how things were 1, 2 or 3 years ago, and if life was much the same then as it is now and then wasn’t too hot,  then how’s it going to be in 1,2 or 3 …..years time into the future if you carry on as you are!

Just a thought.

So what am I doing?  Well today I went to see a Financial Advisor which was a much more cheering experience than I expected.

I also appear to have volunteered to become chairman of our local twinning association.  Our village is twinned with one in France.  I’m not sure how this came about but it appears my unconscious decided it was a great idea as to my horror I heard myself say I’d be prepared to give it a go!

5 thoughts on “Another trawl through the archives and other stuff!

  1. Hey, that sounds exciting! Where’s the town you’re twinned with (which region?). I know I have come some way in the last golly, is it already 16 months?, but I am far from being solid and sorted. The path to happiness it seems is not linear and inolves a lot of going backwards and forward…

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