Naming the positives

I’ve had a blip this morning – one of those moments when wishful thinking took over and dominated my mind and dragged me down for a while!

So  – in a sort of Life Coaching/Best Friend moment I decided to list all the positive things I’ve done which I wouldn’t have done had Alex and I still been poodling along in our marriage!

  • I would never have gone to India and seen tigers
  • I would never have got to know Alex’s best friend and partner as well as I have and found how truly splendid they are as a couple, as support and what fun they and their family can be
  • I would not have found what fantastic friends I have around me and what fun they are.  How great it is just to go out for the odd meal or trip to the pub and just laugh!
  • I would not have gone to Life Coaching and learned all the things I have.
  • I wouldn’t have learnt how to use my camera and to ‘enhance’ my photos! (work in progress!)
  • I wouldn’t have got involved in the campaign to save our airfield
  • I would never have written this blog and so I would have missed out on all the friends I’ve made here, and discovered the rich and diverse world of blogging, of people’s thoughts and views.  The richness of their lives and their brilliant ability to put down, with such clarity, what they’re thinking.
  • I wouldn’t have discovered I can do things in the evening and not wear myself out
  • I wouldn’t have laughed as much as I have.  I would have missed those moments of weeping giggles on Facebook chats.

I could go on!!!

So actually, in many ways, my life has been ‘richer’ than it might have been.  Perhaps I just failed to notice as my focus was on all the negatives.

I was even amused yesterday by a rather vitriolic and personal letter in our local newspaper attacking me after I wrote a few weeks ago in support of the gliding club and what it gave me as a teenager.  I am rather surprised the editor published it but hey – he’s trying to keep the subject alive I suppose!  I won’t reply.  None of us are going to. It says more about the author of the letter (who doesn’t know me!) than it does about me!!

Have a lovely day everyone.  And to those who I know are battling through the same horror as I am may your list of positives – however short or long – dominate your mind and block out all the negatives trying to take over!

3 thoughts on “Naming the positives

  1. Good one. Some times were hard but we can`t say that they were uselless. Somebody told me that we are always picking the people and situations that we actually need, because these are the things we have to learn. We got the platter, pick what we have to learn and chew it. If we don`t, the same bitter taste will come along in the next serving but this time twice bigger than the first time. (now I sound like Yoda, but you get the point)

    And ignore that letter, think on that saying that only good horses are raising the dust 🙂

  2. Great. You’re filling your life up nicely and making some friends along the way. Good luck wth the camera project but don’t ask me for any help. You can probably guess my level of expertise

  3. I love this ‘attitude of gratitude’ you took on today. The perfect recipe for feeling better.

    Thanks for the funny emails you’ve sent. When I need a chuckle I’ll go back and look again.

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