Anger is OK!

Apparently anger is normal and good!   It’s all part of me acknowledging the real me and being true to myself.  Which is just as well really!  Except for the fact that I am seething!

I’ve just had an email from Stephen who has assured me this is good.  I do rather rely on his guidance at the moment!

So here I am wanting above everything else to pick a fight with Alex and I can’t.  Goodness knows if I’ll see him again in the near future (or ever I suppose) so I do feel a bit thwarted in my wish to rage at him.

And it would be no good tracking him down.  I need to be controlled!!   Also he needs to be made to listen and not bolt or shut down.  I want to see him get angry.

This is all very unlikely to happen so I shall just have to wait for this phase to pass I suppose.

The trouble is if I really lose my temper I tend to cry – which spoils the effect!  I just can’t think of the words quickly enough!

And I won’t take it out on BT who STILL haven’t managed to connect me to their broadband service!

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