Growth with a capital G

Growth – currently my second most important Value. After Love!  Though whether this is the right way round or not I still ponder over!!

Anyway when your Values are in order and you’re living by them then Growth happens.  Or it should do, I think!  Personal Growth.  Spiritual Growth (and by that I don’t mean Religious – well for me it doesn’t).   It means Growth within oneself!

Humans need Growth I believe or life becomes stale.  I believe Relationships need to Grow to remain passionate – which I presume is what those in relationships want!  And those of us not in relationships quite fancy!

I nearly missed out on Growth this week!  In fact if I’m brutally honest (which I usually am here) I probably wasn’t the best I could have been with my “hanging on to Significance, Cordiality and Fairness” brothers!  But at the 11th hour – thanks to some Strategic Intervention – I rescued Growth and it’s given me a little buzz and tingle in my tummy!!  (OK  that sounds as though I’ve finally flipped – but that’s where the feeling is!! – and no raised eyebrow suggestions please!!!)

Sometimes to experience Growth perhaps one needs to do something which initially feels totally alien. Which I might add it did!

But climbing out of the “communal playpen of cross 2 year olds” was quite empowering!  Slightly expensive!  But nonetheless empowering!

5 thoughts on “Growth with a capital G

  1. To make the money more important would have relegated your values to second place. This means that money would have been more important to you than anything. Clearly it wasn’t!

    Of course society tells us something different.

    But by the state of most relationships we know society is not a great teacher.

    Society has taught us to make the small things far too important and what’s really important gets pushed to one side.

    People are taught to fight for what’s right, but how do you know what’s right if those that taught you were lost too.

    • You’re right! My values were more important.
      Thank you for your comment!

      What is strange is that I don’t believe either of our parents taught us that money mattered above everything else. In fact I know they didn’t so I wonder where he got this from. Where his values got so distorted that he’s living in this rather cold place.

      Of course he doesn’t like that at all. He’s told me he’s perfectly happy !! I’d believe him if the tone of his voice matched the statement! It doesn’t!

      • He learnt it somewhere, he was not born with it.

        Parents, schools, friends who knows some how he got the wrong message and it’s now part of his foundations for success.

        Except he can’t work out why life feels so bad.

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